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We build websites designed to increase your companies reach

Optimized for Mobile Phones

Our objective is to build a professional website for your business and make it as simple as possible for you. We abstract away all of the messy details related to web development. All of our sites are optimized for mobile phones first but also look beautiful on desktop and tablet sized screens.

Pricing Plans

Please find our one-time cost of building your site below. We also offer payment plans that divide up a slightly increased price over a period of time. Please contact us for further details.

Static Website


With the static website option we build a custom website from the ground up that contains static content (the same data is displayed every time the user visits the site). This type of website is popular for businesses that need a landing page to create a web presence and provide general information to their customers about things such as hours of operation, an address with an interactive embedded Google map, an image gallery, and simple interactive features such as an email form for users to ask questions or sign up to a mailing list.

Web App (Most Popular)


With the Web App option, we extend our static website plan to include dynamic content with a database and a custom server on the backend. Compared to static websites, our web app websites allow for far richer interactive features such as scheduling appointments through the website, allowing the user to log in for a customized user experience with each user having an individualized user log-in page (to display purchase history, etc.), or almost any other interactive feature you can imagine. Examples of businesses that would benefit from having a database are ones that need to display and frequently change their inventory on the site (e.g., car dealership) or provide features such as allowing users to schedule appointments through the website. The web app website plan also includes a payment gateway to take payments from users directly through the website using the Stripe payment portal which ensures complete industry standard security features to you and your customers. This type of payment portal is ideal for charging for services (e.g., hair salon appointments, music lessons, personal trainer sessions, lawn mowing appointments, consultation meetings, etc.) as well as selling digital goods and subscriptions (e.g., podcasts, etc.).

e-Commerce Website


With the e-Commerce option we build you a fully functioning webstore including an interactive shopping-cart and payment checkout system (think Amazon). We utilize Shopify on the backend to provide you with a simple Content Management System so you can easily add and modify product inventory. We build the user facing interface (the frontend) using next generation frontend web development tools such as Vue and React to ensure the look and feel of your website has a fresh modern feel, is fast and responsive, and has an appearance that is unique to your brand. Using Shopify on the backend also ensures transactions are guaranteed to be safe with industry standard security that only companies like Stripe, Paypal, and Shopify can provide. This type of payment portal is ideal for selling physical goods that can either be picked up at a physical store location or shipped to the customer's home.

Example Websites

Explore our example web pages. Find one you like and we'll build your site in that style. Completely custom sites are also available. All of our sites are optimized for mobile phones first but also look beautiful on desktop and tablet sized screens. Please try viewing each page on different screen sizes to see their responsive nature.


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